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Success Stories - Steve King

Before Steve King bought Black Dog Propellers he came to Australia and completed the advance propeller course. This gave him an extraordinary insight into the propeller repair business.

In October 1998 he took over the helm at Black Dog Propellers, and continued to steer the course previously set out by the Carlson's.

Black Dog Propellers had ventured into the New Jersey area and a need for a local representation emerged. This lead to the start up of Technoprop in Barnegat. Due to its already existing customer base Technoprop was started up with two Prop Scan propeller inspection systems.

At this stage Black Dog Propellers in Stevensville required extra equipment and a fourth Prop Scan was ordered.

Currently Black Dog Propeller is among the best performing propeller repair facilities within the 
Prop Scan USA organization.

Steve King was an accountant with no propeller experience.


 Success Stories

Larry Carlson
Larry Carlson
Yacht Yard Proprietor
Propeller Expert
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Mark Shotton
Mark Shotton
Service Manager
Propeller Expert

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